Chic Things Men's Essentials: Designer Underwear

Being stylish goes beyond outerwear, guys should be as conscious as what they wear out as well as under. And please don't go commando. Commando is a film in the 80's and it should be just that.  I know designer underwear can be expensive at least wear them when you are out and about. Because you'll never know, what I'm trying to say. Would you rather be caught with your pants down wearing a pair of Hanes or Burberry boxers? As the little prince said, "What is essential is invisible to the naked eye" -- I say 'Amen'!

Burberry Men's Boxer Brief

$20.00 Nordstrom

Diesel Men's Boxer Brief

$24.00 Nordstrom

Dolce & Gabbana Briefs

$35.00 Sak's Men Store

D2Squared Men's Boxers

Paul 'The Smart Stylist'


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