Men's Designer Sneakers

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone had a great holiday and enjoying your three day weekend! Here at Chic Things Galleria is business as usual.

Today, I would like to showcase designer sneakers and I'm not talking about Nike or Reebok. It's depressing to see some guys wearing trendy and hip clothing and when you look down on their feet there it is
'swoosh!' Nike Air Max something. Looking trendy is from head to toe. Trust me, it's what you're wearing wrong that's magnified and not the other. Yes, designer shoes can be expensive but only a few dollars. And I quote "Designer Shoes...$400, looking like you just stepped out of a GQ magazine, PRICELESS! Here are some of my top picks for this season.

Dior Homme Sneakers $525.00 D&G Metallic Sneakers $275.00
Gucci Sneaker $345.00 Prada Driving Shoes $425.00



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